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If you're looking for the book and workplace wellbeing programme by Dr Julia Jones (founder and CEO of Found in Music) the link to The Music Diet website is below.


Julia has spent the past 25 years studying and applying music neuroscience, showing how music can transform lives and businesses across many different sectors as visualised in the chart below.


She prescribes music as a functional tool. The basic neuroscience principles work in any setting whether its in elite sport, dementia care, workplace wellbeing or consumer marketing.

Julia published her first book in 2019. It's called The Music Diet and shows how consuming music in some form as part of our daily routines can have multiple beneficial effects on wellbeing at home and at work.

Scroll down this page for a little more info and visit the official Music Diet website for full details and to order the book.

Photo: "Dr Rock by Rankin" for the forthcoming "Let's Reset" wellbeing book by

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"I read my first music neuroscience research article while studying psychology in the early 1990s and was amazed at the impact music experience (mx) has on our brain and body.

The scale of annual research in the field of music and the brain and wellbeing has increased 20,000% since 1990-92 and yet most people are still completely unaware of the benefits and value of music because the research rarely breaks out of the academic world into public awareness.

I've spent a lifetime trying to make sure that everyone is aware of these facts too.

I've tried to summarise the research in an easy to read style in The Music Diet. I hope you enjoy it."

Dr Julia Jones

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While researching and writing The Music Diet it became apparent that employers are not harnessing the power of music in their workplaces. So I've announced a Music At Work Week (25 Nov - 1 Dec 2019) to highlight the benefits of music and encourage companies to embed these principles in their employee wellbeing programmes. It's been generating national media coverage already. The world is waking up to the power of music. Let's drive workplace transformation with well thought out use of music.







1. Let’s Get Physical

A brief history of our quest to stay healthy (and why we’re failing)


2. Light My Fire

The effects of music listening on the brain


3. Let Me Entertain You

The health effects of performing music


4. Let’s Dance

The physical effects of moving to music


5. Relax

The role of music in rest and sleep


6. Good Times

The social impact of music as we age


7. Stairway To Heaven

The importance of music in later life


8. The Scientist

The future of music and health research


9. Come Together

Harnessing the full 360 degree value of music in society

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