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The business world has become filled with Xs that represent important aspects of success

UX - user experience

IX - interactive experience

CX - customer experience

EX - employee experience

Here's another X for your business armoury

MX - music experience

When curated properly music and sound can deliver exceptional success in all of the other Xs due to the effects of music on the brain

We'd love to work with you to help you maximise the power of MX

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Dr Julia Jones, founder of Found in Music, will be presenting some of her work as a speaker at the Neuromarketing World Forum in Los Angeles in April 2020


Social experience (SX) is the vital ingredient that many UK regions have so far missed in their Local Industrial Strategies

To successfully attract the tech sector regions must pay more attention to building virbrant social and evening economies that 18-34 year old tech sector employees seek

The toolkit provided by Government to regions to assist in the writing of their Local Industrial Strategies misses this critical link. So we've teamed up with Ben Hawes to write a White Paper for UK regions


The full value of music to society


We have spent many years examining all the ways in which music delivers value to society. This work has identified a multitude of variables that represent health impacts and economic returns. From cradle to grave, birth to death (from pre-birth in the womb actually), hire to retire. The ways in which music can add value to the public and private sector and society as a whole is exceptional but as yet remains to be effectively tapped and valued.

Click here to see the full formulaic breakdown and for more detail regarding why we should be measuring the full value of music in society in order to extract the maximum potential from this incredible asset. This formula continues to be a work in progress as we gradually find ways to improve measurement of variables.




This book by Dr Julia Jones (Founder of Found in Music) will help you understand why putting more music in your life and business can deliver a range of exceptional benefits

As featured on BBC News, Sky News Business TV, BBC 6 Music, The Sun on Sunday, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 3, The Sunday Express, BBC 1 TV Sunday Morning Live.




White Paper for the United Nations World Trade Organisation


Don't underestimate the amount of business that music can deliver to your destination. Cities, regions and towns around the world are starting to tap into this under-recognised opportunity.

We co-wrote this White Paper with Sound Diplomacy and ProColombia for the United Nations World Tourism Organisation. It was launched at the World Travel Market in London in November 2018. It provides guidance and case studies to help destinations develop their own music tourism strategy to boost economic growth.




An inquiry conducted at the House of Lords


Many excellent committees, commissions and All Party Parliamentary Groups have been examining various music related topics over recent years.

We created this inquiry to bring all of that intelligence together into one joined up conversation. To examine how policies and infrastructure can be better organised in order for society to extract the full value from music as an asset.

The evidence meetings held at the House of Lords will hear from expert witnesses in the following strands:

  1. The role of music in developing the future workforce

  2. The role of music in improving public health

  3. The role of music in coping with the ageing population

  4. The role of music in driving economic growth


For full details contact



Publication by Make Architects


We wrote an article about the importance of music in workplace design for this fabulous publication by Make. The buildings and environments we work in have a profound impact on our health. It's vital that health and wellbeing data informs future architectural design.

For full details visit  and contact

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The Future of Street Performance


Together with our colleagues at the City of Austin Music and Entertainment Division we launched a white paper and presented a panel at SXSW in March 2019 outlining the social and economic value of street performance to cities and communities.

For full details click here

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Sustainable Development Goals


We are advocates of the power of music as a tool to achieve many of the UN's SDGs. Our CEO, Dr Julia Jones has presented these principles at numerous conferences including the United Nations World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur in 2018 and Music Cities Convention in Chengdu in 2019.

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Article in Marketing Week Magazine


Our research and client case studies were featured in this article. Popular music is now a highly effective content and experience vehicle for engaging multiple generations and creating emotional connections quickly.

For full details visit

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