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Our Employee Experience & Workplace Wellbeing work has attracted increasing media attention 

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Don't underestimate the power of music. Professional athletes recognised it decades ago and embed it in their training for extra mental and physical benefits. Embed it in your life and workplace today.
Found in Music announced its new Employee Wellbeing Programme at the SXSW Music Conference in March 2019. Click here for the full press release. 
The EX programme launched fully in November 2019 during Music At Work Week and some of the largest corporations in the world are already enjoying it. Get in touch with us to join.
Q. What's special about Found in Music's EX programme and workplace transformation campaign?
It's based on Dr Julia Jones' book 'The Music Diet' and decades of scientific research regarding the neuroscience of music.
It's supported by the British music industry.
It's the only Employee Experience & Wellbeing programme that delivers a 360-degree service on-site at clients' workplaces (fully licensed streaming music platform, office choirs/singalongs, instrument lessons, DJ workshops, lunchtime gigs, busking pitches, music socials after work, silent discos, music neuroscience talks).
Q. How does my company benefit?
Any company that aims to achieve peak performance in business should be harnessing music in the workplace. The effects of music on the brain and on human behaviour are undisputed. The pro sports world has been using music to attain peak performance for many decades. We are leaders in this field.
Music can increase happiness, productivity and create a generally more enjoyable environment in which to work. This workplace transformation can also help drive recruitment and retention.
Q. How do I know it will work?
The body of scientific research in this field is vast. We're so confident it works we offer a guarantee.
Q. How much does it cost?
From £1,500 + VAT per month (plus any applicable music licenses and instrument hire or purchases).
Q. When can I start?
As soon as you like!  Contact:
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"Music is a key component in human life. The Music Diet is a compelling and authoritative book showing a clear link between what we hear and our mental and physical health.


I support the drive to persuade bosses to allow their employees to listen to music in the workplace. This can help stimulate productivity and ease stress in an increasingly complex world of working patterns and environments.

Dr Rock is setting the pace and leading the debate - she is someone who we all need to listen to.”

Michael Dugher

Chief Executive, UK Music

“Music can transform lives and help physical and mental wellbeing for those of all ages.  Employers will see - and hear - the benefits of allowing staff to listen to music of any genre in the workplace.


Having opera in the background continually at ENO (and pop and hip hop in the background when I worked at MTV) can have a transformative effect on the happiness of staff.


The Music Diet is a must read and totally nails the crucial importance of music in human beings' lives and for their health."

Stuart Murphy

Chief Executive, English National Opera

"Dr Rock is spot on. Music plays such an important role in our lives and her book The Music Diet demonstrates how what we listen to can influence our physical and mental health. That's why employers should listen up and take note.


Music in the workplace is a logical extension of Dr Jones' work and bosses should get on board - they may be surprised by the positive results.”

Ian King

Ian King Live, Sky News Business

"All I'm really doing is reminding people of what we already all instinctively know. Music has a powerful emotional hold over us. It's a huge part of being human. It makes no sense to leave it at the door when we enter the workplace.


Music can drive a workplace transformation revolution, creating working environments that are a pleasure to spend time in. Music in the workplace will soon be the new norm.”

Dr Julia Jones (aka Dr Rock)

Founder, Found in Music

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