Music experiences are memorable


A powerful tool when it comes to creating great places where people want to visit, live, work, play


An effective method of encouraging social cohesion for improved wellbeing


We provide advice on music tourism and place making strategies and deliver programming services for our clients


Client Brief: Leverage the historic connection with Joni Mitchell to raise the profile of Matala as a tourist destination

We worked with the Mayor's team in Crete to develop the 1960s/70s themed Matala Beach Festival brand attracting 100,000 visitors

Client Brief: Develop a high quality programme to position London as the most busker friendly city in the world

We developed the acclaimed Busk in London initiative delivering over 7,000 hours of street performance a year

Client Brief: Co-curate and distribute a promotional album to college students across the USA

We worked with the Visit Britain team to produce a compilation album of UK talent that was handed out at live events across the USA

Client Brief: Develop a month of music to promote London as a tourist destination and a vibrant grassroots talent hub

We provided a full project management service for the Sounds Like London campaign featuring over 250 events across all 32 boroughs

Client Brief: Design and deliver an all ages outdoor event to drive social cohesion and attract visitors

We created the Rooftop Disco to mark the 40th anniversary of legendary New York night club Studio 54

Client Brief: Design and deliver a high profile experiential campaign to promote the retail park

We made Wembley Park the global hub of the Mayor of London's International Busking Day campaign and brought Nile Rodgers along to launch it on the day

Client Brief: Leverage the town's historic connection with The Jimi Hendrix Experience to increase profile

We developed a Hendrix Weekend featuring 4 days of events around Folkestone town to mark Jimi's 75th birthday

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